Clovelly Set of 5 Wall Display Shelves

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Crafted from 100% reclaimed boatwood, Clovelly is a rustic collection with a coastal vibe.

Every piece is different due to the unique combination of colours and natural markings in the timbers used.

The warmth of the wood is complemented by sleek black metal frames.

Arrange these shelves any way you like!

Product Dimensions (approx): 

Shelf 1: W: 65 H: 40 D: 15cm

Shelf 2: W: 50 H: 35 D: 15cm

Shelf 3: W: 40 H: 30 D: 15cm

Shelf 4: W: 20 H: 35 D: 15cm

Shelf 5 W: 25 H: 75 D: 15cm

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